How should I structure my recording/message?

Any way you want!  Listen to the Holy Spirit for the layout of your content. All we ask is that it should be exhorting and biblical.

We can recommend some guidelines for making the process easy, though

  • If you are recording a message, try writing that in a paper so you won’t forget to add all the points – 1 to 2 pages will easily fit in the time limit of 5 minutes)
  • Start with an introduction (You can choose NOT to say your name in the recording, IF you want to stay anonymous), present the content with focus on the key subject and end with a summary as a conclusion.
  • OPTIONALLY, You can decide to add your name and contact details (such as website or email address) at the end of the recording.
  • If you are an advanced technical person, you can add background music (with very low volume) or an intro and/or outro to the recording, but make sure to finish everything in 5 minutes.
  • IF you want to listen to a sample you can check out these recordings::¬†Sample Messages