Why 5 minute messages?

We have done a study on listening patterns and public interest and found that, in this modern busy lifestyle, very few people have the patience to listen to long sermons that is aired in a radio station. Most people visit an online radio to listen to music or as an entertainment.  When we aired long sermons, we found that the rate of disconnection during that time was too high.. However, just like radio and television, most listeners does not mind short breaks or advertisements or informacials while waiting for the next song to be played. We learnt that instead of advertisements as breaks, if we air the Word of God every now and then during the breaks in the music, that would change the lives of people because, God does not need a very long time to act. A single statement or a short message may turned to be exactly what one of the listeners wants and may be a consolation to the tiring situation he/she might be going through or an answer to a question he/she might be asking for too long.