What do I gain by sharing my music through Living Voice Online?

If you are a Christian music artist, we provide the perfect place for you to help further the gospel message. As a bonus, our station can help get free exposure for your music. At our discretion, for contributors of full albums, we will try to provide free links to your shopping site for our listeners to purchase your album directly from you, while your music is being played on our site. No commission or affiliate fee need to be paid for your earnings from those sales directed from our site. We would also provide free back links (on our contributors page) to your website or social network and/or promote your album through our social profiles. For major contributors, we will even provide a write up on your ministry on our contributors page.. In near future, we are planning to start a Malayalam Christian Music MarketPlace as well so your content can be sold electronically.

What format and bitrate you expect the music be?

As of now, we can only accept MP3 formats for songs and messages – We are currently unable to convert any WMA, WAV or any other sound formats by our own, due to the volume of song submissions we receive and the limitation of resources we have for processing them. Please make sure the bitrate for the MP3 to be between 128 and 256 kbps.

How should I send my content to Living Voice Online?

You can either upload it in this site or on our ministry site. You could also upload the file(s) to a file sharing site like dropbox or Google Drive and then send us the download link using the contact page in this site.

What additional information you need along with the music?

A short introduction about your band/album, an album artwork (image) of at least 500px wide, any link you want to promote through our website. If your album is already in a eShopping site, provide that link too.

What is the processing time for the submitted music?

Due to the volume of song submissions, our current processing time for reviewing the content to approve/disapprove to broadcast the content is around 15 business days. If you don’t hear from us within that period, please feel free to send us an email (or use the contact form in this site) with the Subject line “Follow up on Song Submission”.

I’d rather send a CD/DVD of my music. What is your address?

If you prefer to send a CD/DVD instead of uploading the files online, you can send that to the address PO Box 283, Omaha, NE – 68101, United States of America. Please make sure to send an email (or use the contact form in this site) after you have mailed it.