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Living Voice Online

What is Living Voice Online?

Living Voice Online, a division of Project Voice on Radio, by Living Voice Ministries, Inc, is a not-for-profit online radio ministry in Malayalam language and is devoted to bringing our listeners a variety of uplifting worship music as well as other great programming since 2012.  We are driven by the final commandment by our Lord and Master Jesus Christ:

Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age

Our goal is to help spread the gospel message of eternal life through Jesus Christ. Through our mix of solid Biblical teaching programs and inspiring devotional music, we hope to help teach and encourage believers all across the globe and to bring truth seekers to Jesus Christ, the sole Way, Light and Truth.  Our English Radio, www.TheLivingVoice.NET is a blessing to thousands around the globe.

Unique broadcasting Strategy

We have several Christian Music Radios in Malayalam which airs quality Christian Songs 24/7.  However, our vision about Living Voice Online is to give more importance to the spreading of Word of God rather than concentrating on songs alone and to give opportunity to any one for such a desire to join with us in that effort, without having to invest in time or money.  In other words, Living Voice Online is a SOCIAL platform for the Christian community to take part in furthering the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Keeping that in mind, we have devised a very unique strategy of broadcasting that air short biblical messages every few minutes and use devotional songs as fillers in between those messages.  And these messages, and most of the music, comes from our listeners hence making Living Voice Online a Community Powered Radio.  We invite each one of you to be part of this family to build together for the Kingdom of God.

First Community Powered Christian Radio in Malayalam

What is unique about Living Voice Online?  We do not ‘run’ a radio. Rather we just facilitate the collaborative christian content sharing for the edification of the Body of Christ. Our unique model of getting the broadcasted content from the listener community is unique and first of its kind in Malayalam Christian Radio channels.

  • Do you have a God given message that you want to share with the fellow believers  but does not have a right platform?
  • Do you want to share the gospel but think that you do not have the talent, expertise or resources to do that effectively?
  • Do you have a music album you want to be shared  and marketed in Malayalee Christian Community?

That is where Living Voice Online comes in to help you..  Our goal is to equip every believer to become an effective Radio Evangelist.  And it cost absolutely nothing to you..  You do not need to have the public speaking talent to take part in this venture..  Click Here to learn more about this exciting project! Share your message or music with us. We will air it for free and provide you with a free platform to reach thousands of Malayalee Christians across the globe.

Your Message – Your Voice – Across Nations – As a blessing to thousands!

Lets work together to build the kingdom of God.