Frequently Asked Questions


Why another Radio?

Yes, we do have many quality Malayalam Christian Radios.  However, Living Voice Online has a different vision and mission.  We envision Living Voice Online to provide a public platform to anyone and everyone to share the Word of God and to provide a free marketing and promotional platform for the Malayalam Christian Music Artists.  Our most important mission is to equip any naive believer to take part in evangelism by providing a “Radio version” of “Audio Micro Blog”!  So no matter you are an experienced preacher or a regular believer who may not have much experience and knowledge in the Holy Bible, if you have a God given biblical message or a talent and you have means to record it in MP3, Living Voice Online gives you a platform that takes your voice beyond nations to needy people who are waiting to hear from God!

Who is behind this radio?

Living Voice Online is part of the Project Voice On Radio which is a division of Living Voice Ministries Inc, a Non-Profit Religious corporation registered in the state of Nebraska, United States of America.

Is there only Malayalam Content?

This website focuses mainly on content in Malayalam language, even if we have a few spots at times, for Tamil and Hindi devotional songs.  However, we do run an English Christian Radio named THE LIVING VOICE  (www.TheLivingVoice.Net). If your message/music is in English, we add that to The Living Voice which is listened by over 10,000 listeners monthly around the globe!

Should I own the content I upload here?

By uploading a file using the file upload tool or sending a file/link via email, you certify that you are the legal owner for the file uploaded here and you bear all responsibilities on any claims otherwise, regarding copyright infringement .

What rights do Living Voice has on my content?

By sharing your content to Living Voice, you give Living Voice Ministries the full right to broadcast your content in either or both of the Living Voice radios as deemed appropriate by the administrator without any financial liabilities. Living Voice Ministries will neither reproduce nor share your content. We will not sell your content or make a profit using it.

Would you share my file with any one?

Your content will be safe with us from any copyright violations. We will not sell/share your content with any third party. We may however choose to play it either or both of our Radios

Is there a limit of Number of or Size of the files?

The maximum size of the files that can be uploaded without registering (in this website) is 7 MB. If your file is more than 7 MB and less than 12 MB, you can upload it via the tool in our ministry site after registering as a user there.

There is no limit of number of files. You can send monthly or weekly or daily!

Do I have to Pay anything to you?

Its absolutely FREE of cost for you… NO commissions, NO monthly payments and NO solicitation for donations!! – If we choose to provide you with marketing links to your content, No commission or affiliate fee need to be paid for your earnings from those sales directed from our site.

Do you air advertisements?

No. we don’t have any plans to air commercial advertisements on our radio.

Why the text in this website is NOT in malayalam?

Good Question. First, we apologize if you were expecting to see Malayalam text and was disappointed to see only English. However we have a reason why we kept the site’s text in English.  The Malayalam characters are supported only on newer versions of Internet Browsers in any device.  In older versions of browsers explicit font installation is required which in turn can be done only by people with some basic computer knowledge.  Also most of the internet users, now a days are familiar with some level of English.  So we used English text in this site to make sure of maximum reach…

Music Marketing

What do I gain by sharing my music through Living Voice Online?

If you are a Christian music artist, we provide the perfect place for you to help further the gospel message. As a bonus, our station can help get free exposure for your music. At our discretion, for contributors of full albums, we will try to provide free links to your shopping site for our listeners to purchase your album directly from you, while your music is being played on our site. No commission or affiliate fee need to be paid for your earnings from those sales directed from our site. We would also provide free back links (on our contributors page) to your website or social network and/or promote your album through our social profiles. For major contributors, we will even provide a write up on your ministry on our contributors page.. In near future, we are planning to start a Malayalam Christian Music MarketPlace as well so your content can be sold electronically.

What format and bitrate you expect the music be?

As of now, we can only accept MP3 formats for songs and messages – We are currently unable to convert any WMA, WAV or any other sound formats by our own, due to the volume of song submissions we receive and the limitation of resources we have for processing them. Please make sure the bitrate for the MP3 to be between 128 and 256 kbps.

How should I send my content to Living Voice Online?

You can either upload it in this site or on our ministry site. You could also upload the file(s) to a file sharing site like dropbox or Google Drive and then send us the download link using the contact page in this site.

What additional information you need along with the music?

A short introduction about your band/album, an album artwork (image) of at least 500px wide, any link you want to promote through our website. If your album is already in a eShopping site, provide that link too.

What is the processing time for the submitted music?

Due to the volume of song submissions, our current processing time for reviewing the content to approve/disapprove to broadcast the content is around 15 business days. If you don’t hear from us within that period, please feel free to send us an email (or use the contact form in this site) with the Subject line “Follow up on Song Submission”.

I’d rather send a CD/DVD of my music. What is your address?

If you prefer to send a CD/DVD instead of uploading the files online, you can send that to the address PO Box 283, Omaha, NE – 68101, United States of America. Please make sure to send an email (or use the contact form in this site) after you have mailed it.

Short Mesasges

Why 5 minute messages?

We have done a study on listening patterns and public interest and found that, in this modern busy lifestyle, very few people have the patience to listen to long sermons that is aired in a radio station. Most people visit an online radio to listen to music or as an entertainment.  When we aired long sermons, we found that the rate of disconnection during that time was too high.. However, just like radio and television, most listeners does not mind short breaks or advertisements or informacials while waiting for the next song to be played. We learnt that instead of advertisements as breaks, if we air the Word of God every now and then during the breaks in the music, that would change the lives of people because, God does not need a very long time to act. A single statement or a short message may turned to be exactly what one of the listeners wants and may be a consolation to the tiring situation he/she might be going through or an answer to a question he/she might be asking for too long.

Who can send content?

Anyone who has a god given message or a talent can send their content to us.  You need not be a Pastor or Evangelist (Pastors and Evangelists are more that welcome, though) to preach the word of God or to share the joy of Salvation. All you need is to record it in MP3 using a computer or a Smart Phone or a Tablet or find someone who can help you on this..

How should I structure my recording/message?

Any way you want!  Listen to the Holy Spirit for the layout of your content. All we ask is that it should be exhorting and biblical.

We can recommend some guidelines for making the process easy, though

  • If you are recording a message, try writing that in a paper so you won’t forget to add all the points – 1 to 2 pages will easily fit in the time limit of 5 minutes)
  • Start with an introduction (You can choose NOT to say your name in the recording, IF you want to stay anonymous), present the content with focus on the key subject and end with a summary as a conclusion.
  • OPTIONALLY, You can decide to add your name and contact details (such as website or email address) at the end of the recording.
  • If you are an advanced technical person, you can add background music (with very low volume) or an intro and/or outro to the recording, but make sure to finish everything in 5 minutes.
  • IF you want to listen to a sample you can check out these recordings:: Sample Messages
What type of content can I send?

Anything inspirational and less than 5 minutes are welcome!

It can be a short message, an experience you had in your relation with Jesus, your testimony, a gospel message, an exhortation, a short story, a thought provoking fiction (like a Bhaavana) or even reading/recital of a biblical passage!

What is the quality requirement for the contents?

Your content should have minimal or no background noise or hiss (Be sure to record in a secluded place with no background noise

– Turn your fan or A/C  or any other appliances which makes a hissing noise Off before starting to record.

– The recording should not exceed 5 minutes. (A few of extra seconds are tolerated though)

– The content should not contradict our statements of belief here or should not criticize anyone by name.

– It should not be an informacial or for promoting yourself or your business/ministry – (However you are free to add your name and contact details as long as you can do it within 10 -15 seconds.)

– IF you want to listen to a sample you can check out these recordings:: Sample Messages

Can you suggest an Apple/Android/Windows app to record my content?

There are numerous FREE apps in Apple Store for iPads/iPhones, Play Store for Android phones and in Windows store for Win 8 devices. Simply search in your app store for an app which supports recording in MP3, sharing via email or syncing to your computer and  allows playing the recorded file to review the quality.. Given below are a few apps that we could find using a quick search.. There might be many more.. In no way we are endorsing any of the below apps.. They are given as examples only:
Apple: SceneRecord –Voice Changer, My Memos Free, Voice Recorder Free
Android: Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder (Free), Voice Recorder (by lovekara), HD Voice Recorder(by Keerby)
Windows: Easy Sound Recorder (by, Microphone Pro (by MDR Applications), My Voice Recorder (by tsjDEV)

For computers (Mac/PC/Linux), Audacity is a free tool that helps in recording and editing voice. It can also be used to convert other formats to MP3.  You can download it from here. You could use your in built voice recorder in Windows too (You may have to convert it to MP3 using Audacity, though).


Any suggestions on editing the audio?

Audacity is a free, open source, easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other operating systems. You can download it from – A concise version of help on reworking voice records using this software can be downloaded here: – If you need more extensive help and documentation, please visit

I’m not familiar with Computer or Smart Phone. Any help?

IF you can find someone who would be able to give you a one-to-one basic training on recording your voice in your computer, smart phone or tablet, that would be the best option? Or if you can use someone else’s device (of course with their permission and help) that’s fine too. If both are not possible, send us an email or contact us via the contact page in this site, with your phone number and location and the best time to call you.. Someone from our office will call you to guide you!